This is just the beginning…

Many years ago I started thinking the need to train bi+ leadership so our community organizations would work better and have a resource targeted to the specific needs of our community. A few weeks ago, I drafted the first mission statement:

The Intersectional Leadership Project will create a cadre of leadership for the bi+ community with common language and values to contribute to a stronger, healthier, and better represented bi+ community.

I think it’s a little rough, but that’s OK. I looking forward to other people contributing to the future of this project and polishing that mission statement because this blog is the beginning of something much bigger. As the body of content grows, and more people contribute to it, I plan to build it into a website of more easily accessed information while adding video content. Eventually, I want to build an event or events that provide ongoing leadership development for community organizers, 501(c)3 leadership, and other interested individuals from our community both virtually and in person. Through learning best practices and shared language and values, we can create leadership that is more connected and more collaborative.

If you are interested in being a part of developing this project, please contact me. I plan to build a team that crosses the many intersections of our community to provide the best information about intersectional leadership development possible.

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