Political Matters

I’m sorry I haven’t been maintaining this blog since the election. I had intended to restart this month, reinvigorated by a break so I can create a team that wants to work on this project with me and move it forward to the next phase.

However, current political events have my energy focused elsewhere. I just published a new post on my (very occasional) personal blog about last week’s events.

You will find excellent recommendations about writing an organizational response to last week’s events in todays Nonprofit AF blog post.

If you haven’t committed to education for your leadership and your community on racism and anti-blackness, now is the time to plan that work. Get professional help from organizations that use BIPOC trainers in your area and make the time to do this work. It is hard, emotional work, but its not as hard as living BIPOC in this country right now. To paraphrase something Vu says in the Nonprofit AF post I linked to above, if you don’t loose a few volunteers, donors, or participants during this time, you probably aren’t taking a strong enough stand.

Good luck.

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