Hello! This week and next week we are taking a short intermission from leadership development. This week our key message is:


Please, vote. If the non-political comedy show Rediculousness can put a “get out the vote” message crawl across the bottom of it’s episodes this weekend, you know everyone is getting in on the message. I’ve been getting texts and emails about getting out to vote, making a voting plan, and committing to talking to other people about voting for weeks.

If you haven’t voted, please check one of the many sites that can help you vote. Personally, I wouldn’t mail an absentee ballot at this point given all the drama with the USPS right now. However, if that is your safest option, it is better than not voting. Better is to drop your ballot in an official ballot drop box. Vote in person at early polling stations or vote the day of if you must. Check your state voting site for current information.

Please Vote!

Every vote is a grain of sand on the scales. If you are not excited about the options, well, welcome to 21st century politics. I am not well represented by any candidate but I don’t only vote when I’m excited. At this moment especially, think about your values and decide what’s important to you. Then vote for the major party candidate is most likely to act in alignment with your values.

I always used to vote third party. I still do in some state races because of election funding and ballot access laws in Minnesota. However, as the U.S. political system has become more polarized and politics more fractious, I feel strongly that I need to weigh in for which of the likely winners I support.

Please vote.

Next week, as we all wait for the election news to start pouring in (even thought we probably won’t know the results until after January 6), I’m going to lay out the plan for this project and what the next steps are. I hope by now you’ve seen enough of my writing to know what’s important to me. This was never intended to be a one person show nor is the plan that the blog is the only resource. I’m looking for contributors and collaborators to take this project into its next stages. Stay tuned!

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